Crash Reconstruction Expert Services for the Cleveland, OH & Erie, PA Areas

Our accident reconstructions provide rigorous analysis that expert witnesses can present at jury trials. These are usually done when personal injuries are involved. That is why attorneys want to hire an experienced accident reconstructionist such as Kevin Forcier. Kevin provides an honest and accurate crash data as it pertains to your investigation. 4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC offers crash analysis and crash reconstruction expert services throughout the Pittsburgh, PA; Erie, PA; and Cleveland, OH areas.
General Specialty Area 1: Accident Reconstruction 
Specialty Focus, Special Skills, Experience: Light Trucks, Passenger Vehicles, Pedestrian/Bicycle, Motorcycle Reconstruction, Crash Data Retrieval, Data Analysis, Occupant Injury Kinematics, Time distance, drag factor with use of Vericom Vehicle Computer System, Traffic Studies, Map Scenes, Crash Zone, CAD, and Crash Animation ARAS36HD.

Specialized Crash Analysis Experience Pittsburgh, PA & the Surrounding Areas

  • Crash investigations involving scene analysis, vehicle examinations, collection of evidence and witness interviews
  • Certified in Airbag and associated sensors imaging and analysis
  • Nationally certified child passenger safety seat technician
  • Seat belt usage analysis
  • Crash reconstruction investigations involving speed determination, occupant positioning analysis, time - distance analysis, location of points of impact and computer-aided reconstruction as well as scene and vehicle component analysis.
  • Dynamic crash scene analysis and Motorcycle crash scene analysis
  • Computer simulation and animation of motor vehicle crash scenes
  • Investigated and assisted in the investigation of several thousand crash scenes from 1985 to 2010
  • Completed approximately 200 crash reconstructions and consulted on, reviewed or assisted with approximately 360 crash reconstructions since 1990
Crash Reconstruction Expert Service Cleveland, OH
Expert Witness Experience:
  • Qualified expert in numerous Pennsylvania Country Courts of Common Pleas as well as that of the Courts of the Minor Judiciaries.
  • Expert testimony was presented on the following issues: Crash Data Retrieval and Analysis, locations of vehicles in association with points of impact, vehicle impact speed analysis, passenger seat belt usage, time/distance analysis as well as roadway friction analysis, etc.
Crash Analysis Pittsburgh, PA
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