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If you've been in a car accident, there are a lot of thoughts going through your head. It can be hard for everyone involved to remember exactly how the accident happened. Kevin Forcier at 4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC offers crash reconstruction expert service to the Erie, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Cleveland, OH areas. Vehicular accident reconstruction uses scientific processes to investigate, analyze, and draw conclusions about the events and causes of a collision. We conduct in-depth crash analysis and reconstruction services to identify the contributing factors in your accident, including the role of the environment, roadways, driver or drivers, and vehicles.
Crash Reconstruction Expert Service Pittsburgh, PA
Kevin W. Forcier Sr.
Kevin W. Forcier Sr. owner and Collision Specialist is Nationally Certified by ACTAR as a Vehicle Crash Reconstructionist. Kevin retired from the Pennsylvania State Police after 25 years of service to the citizens of the Commonwealth where he held the rank of Corporal and was assigned as a full-time Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Specialist. 

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• 27+ Years of Crash Investigation Experience  • Expert Crash Consultant and Court Qualified Witness  • Specializing in Passenger Vehicle, Light Truck and Motorcycle Crashes  • ACTAR Certified #2054  • Bosch CDR Version 10.1  • Crash Data Retrieval and Analysis (Black Box Data) • Crash Animation/ Simulation ARAS360 HD  • Fully Insured
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